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George Washington, A National Treasure
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Experience... is the best rule to walk by. --George Washington to John Parke Curtis, West Point, August 24, 1779

Portrait for Kids!         Patriot Papers
Help solve a make-believe mystery! Uncover hidden layers of the George Washington portrait and learn fascinating facts along the way. Check out the Portrait for Kids!
Follow the George Washington portrait as it tours the country and share inspirational stories of community leadership and volunteering. Read the current issue!
Designed to enhance history and social studies curricula, these activities and lesson plans will introduce your students to some of the events and issues that shaped George Washington’s life. Explore the Teacher Guide.
Created for especially for families attending the traveling exhibition, this guide will help visitors of all ages learn important and fun aspects of the portrait. Visit the online Family Guide.
Put a little piece of George on your desktop. Dip into the desktop downloads!


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