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Experience... is the best rule to walk by. --George Washington to John Parke Curtis, West Point, August 24, 1779

Portrait for Kids

Let’s Solve A Mystery!
In this make-believe mystery, a curator has found a half-finished portrait of President George Washington by the great artist Gilbert Stuart. Curators at the National Portrait Gallery collect and care for treasured paintings of people, and research and interpret what the paintings tell us about the painter and the person in the portrait. Curators find out a lot about a painting by following clues, just like a detective does. Here, we see George Washington, but the portrait doesn’t look complete. Can you help find the missing parts?

Follow the clues to find the missing parts of the portrait. Each correct answer will add a piece to the portrait—and help you learn something about the portrait.

Kids Interactive Portrait

What’s missing from this Lansdowne portrait? Solve the mystery!
Acquired as a gift to the nation through the generosity of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.


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