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The Power of the Penny Challenges the GW Dollar
Hudson Middle School Declares War, Raises $4,000 in One Week

I’m afraid that the stern George Washington who embraces the dollar bill would have blinked recently when seeing the power of the dollar challenged by the penny. Capturing the spirit of the holiday season, students from Hudson, Wisconsin, set out to raise funds to buy Christmas presents for needy children in the area. But in the spirit of George Washington and the American Revolution, they "DECLARED WAR" on fellow students.

The Kids Who Care Club, advised by teacher Michelle Miller, pitted House against House (each grade has 3 Houses) in a weeklong battle that saw the penny triumph. (Sorry, George!) Each House placed its penny jar in plain view and began collecting pennies, in hopes of winning the coveted ice cream party at battle’s end. But the spies from fellow Houses set out to sabotage the best-laid plans with silver and GW dollars. Pennies garnered positive points, but a quarter from the opposition eliminated 25 pennies; a dollar wiped out 100. “It’s always more fun to sabotage the enemy,” said Miller. “The kids are just waiting for someone to put in a $5 bill.”

After the jousting was over and casualties counted, the houses of Excalibur, the Knights, and the Nobles proved victorious. And so did Toys for Tots. The Kids Who Care Club raised $4,000 in one week and went shopping for gifts. Student representatives presented the gifts on a live broadcast airing on KARE 11 News on December 12. “In all my years of teaching, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said teacher Carol Gilbert. “The kids accepted the challenge and really got into the game.” The Patriot Papers salutes you, Hudson. Thanks for Pledging It Forward.

Thanks to teacher Carol Gilbert for submitting this story. Our thoughts and prayers go with you as you face a new challenge of your own.
—The Patriot Papers editor and everyone at Hudson Middle School


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