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George Washington, A National Treasure
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Integrity and firmness is all I can promise; these, be the voyage long or short, never shall forsake me although I may be deserted by all men. -George Washington to Henry Knox, Mount Vernon, April 1, 1789

Exhibition Interactives

Students exploring the interactive kiosks in Houston, Texas

The traveling exhibition includes four interactive kiosks to excite your curiosity about George Washington and the portrait that Gilbert Stuart painted of him. Below you can learn more about the man and explore his impressive legacy in the United States.


George by George
The Man - George by George
Learn about George Washington's life, ideas and accomplishments by asking him questions about his days as our nation's president, as leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, and as a farmer at Mount Vernon, his Virginia plantation. View the online sample.

Follow the Name
His Legacy - Follow The Name
See the tremendous influence that George Washington has had on the United States. Explore how Washington is honored and remembered in every state of the union today through the many places that bear his name. View the online sample.


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